What is Showcase Sweden?

The world appears to have an appetite for the works of Swedish creatives. Be it Oscar-winning documentary, female actor or cinematographer. Be it chart-topping artists and music composers. Be it copy-writers or art directors in advertising. Be it avant-garde fashion designers. Or be it video games with hundreds of millions of players: Swedish creativity is in the spotlight more than ever.

Did you know Swedish composer Max Martin has
written 19 songs that made the Billboard #1?

Showcase Sweden collects some of the best examples of Swedish creativity in the form of videos: music videos, film trailers, game videos, fashion show outtakes and adverts. While accessible for anyone to enjoy, Showcase Sweden is also a tool for anyone who wishes to show what Sweden has to offer. All videos are free for non-commercial use, feel free to link to or embed on a website, play on-stage as part of a speech or display on a screen in an expo. Or make an interactive presentation to keep guests entertained in a lobby or reception: these videos are a raw material for you to use when you want to showcase Sweden. Go creative!

Did you know Swedish composer Max Martin has written 19 songs that made the Billboard #1? Only Lennon-McCartney have a better record. Did you know Sweden’s fashion brands exports were 174 Billion SEK (20+ Billion US-dollar) in 2014 – 40% up from 2011? Or did you know the TV-show the Bridge has been sold to more than 160 countries? Were you aware that the Volvo Trucks advert where Jean-Claude Van Damme does an Epic Split has been viewed more than 100 million times online? Of course it was made by Swedish creatives. King, the mobile game company that makes one of the world’s most popular games Candy Crush Saga, was acquired in 2015 by Activision for 5,9 Billion US-dollars making it the second largest deal in the history of Swedish enterprise. Swedish creatives are big business. Showcase Sweden shows you why. 




Facts & Figures

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